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Welcome to halfpastnormal, a blog about our super-powered special needs family.  We try to live life to the fullest as we juggle the strengths and needs of all family members.  Hubby has ADD, my six year old has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, my four year old has Prader Willi Syndrome and my two year old is typically developing, not that we love him any less for it.

Regular readers may notice that I’ve fallen behind in frequent updates – my apologies, but we’re expecting Baby #4 in January, so I’m spending naptime napping, rather than blogging.  I hope to fix that now we’ve settle into our new home in Smalltown, Ontario.  We’ve recently moved from the busy Greater Toronto Area, population 6 million and famed for traffic, condos, and a high cost of living to Smalltown, Ontario, famed for farms, forests and lakes, and close ties to family and friends.  And you can bet we’re thrilled to be living in Smalltown.  The kids are happier, Hubby and I are happier and we are truly living life to the fullest.


Right now our days are spent with me as SAHM – tackling housework and visiting our local Ontario Early Years Centre with two year old The Dunk.  The Dunk is such a regular at the centre that staff ask him to help with chores such as loading the dishwasher, cleaning, and vacuuming!  He loves it.


Little Miss Adorable, a proud four year old with Prader Willi Syndrome started Kindergarten this year in our local public school.  School is a place she shines, super social and outgoing, all 360 students know her by name.  The day she started walking independently all staff knew about it 15 minutes after her arrival.  Little Miss Adorable loves animals (especially our latest addition, a new dog named Maggie) and is a veteran of therapeutic riding and dance class.  She also has the Princess Gene (it’s not a coincidence that her first steps were in a large urban shopping mall, where she then proceeded to march into high end jewelry and clothing stores).


Six year old Mr. Sensitive has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and is considered to be ‘in a good place’ with this progressive disease.  Check out Right Now for more on this.  He can walk, run, and hop (sort of) and fatigues easily and gets muscle cramps, but he loves exploring the forests, lakes and wetlands that surround our new home.  Mr. Sensitive loves rough and tumble play with other kids, visits to the library and Early Years Centre and joining the boys in Beavers on their adventures.

Welcome to our halfpastnormal life, stick around, have a cup of tea and visit for a while.  We’re thrilled you dropped by.

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Happiness is just enough

Happiness is a matter of perspective!

Happiness is a matter of perspective!

As the Christmas season draws near and Hanukah passes I’m thinking about holiday spirit and what makes someone truly happy.

I’d say we’re pretty happy. And we’re very thankful for what we have.

Our family has two kids with special needs, one unique toddler, and baby #4 due sometime in the New Year. So we’re a busy family, but we’re a happy one. Some would say we have more than our share of stressors – two major special needs, the endless challenges and rounds of appointments that go with that. But we’re still happy.

And yes, Hubby and I bicker at each other (usually over household chores, with futile promises to stop fighting in front of the kids) enough for our toddler to say ‘stop arguing!’ (He learned that one from his older brother;-)

FYI – I’m writing this post because I have insomnia and don’t want to face the mountain of dirty dishes leftover from last night.  But I’m happy we had an excellent meal and enough food on the table.  And I’m happy that our evening was spent with the kids, instead of doing dishes.

And yes, we have days where I want to lock the kids / myself up. But I still love them and we go to bed exhausted, but happy, most days.

We don’t have tons of ‘stuff’ – the latest and greatest toys and gadgets that so many households seem to accumulate.  But what we do have we use or value.  Most days, as I trip over Lego pieces or baby dolls, I would say we have too much.

We don’t have a big house, in fact the three kids love sharing a bedroom with each other. (Sharing a bathroom is a whole other story;-)  We do however have enough space to spread out and the kids love having their own playroom.

But what we do have, we really appreciate.  And most of what we enjoy are non-tangible items anyway – friends, family, community.  As a family our focus is on doing things – going outdoors, joining activities – rather than dwelling on the stuff of life.

At a time of year where people are wrapped in a frenzy of consumerism or super stressed about chasing perfection, I say make a choice.  Look for things that make you happy.  Let go of the stuff that doesn’t.  And if you truly appreciate what you have, you will be happy.

It’s pretty simple.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Please see Lazy Hippie Mama’s You Need to Go Out of Your Head for excellent advice on enjoying this holiday season.

What makes you happy during the holiday season?    

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What happens when Mommy’s left alone with the kids for 13 hours

This is what happens when three kids are stuck indoors for 13 hours:

They made themselves a house & cooked a meal, cleaned up, and then we all went crazy.






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Snow in Smalltown

We’ve been busy and buried in snow in Smalltown, Ontario, population 16 000. At night we listen to the snow plows and snowmobilers go by.

Here’s some photos of what we’ve been up to, indoors and out!



























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