Bright and Early Wednesday Morning: via Twitter

From Twitter @specialneedmom2 – June 27, 2012

06:30 EST terrified at the thought of 4 y/o home for the summer in 2 more days! May have to sell him to the zoo #badmommy

This morning was rough brutal.  Not the worst morning ever, but not good.  Heck, it was just like every other school/work morning in our lives.

6:00 am – Mr. Sensitive wakes me up – we have overslept because I’ve been hitting snooze for 30 minutes.  #oops #zombiemom

I am busy arguing w/ Mr. Sensitive about watching Breakfast Television vs. Netflix while trying to make coffee/ cook breakfast/ turn on @BTtoronto/ check Twitter/ change Little Miss Adorable’s diaper/ trying get Hubby out of bed NOW!

6:19 am I nearly dislocate Hubby’s foot in efforts to shake him awake.  He’s mad at me.  #goodforhim

I continue cooking breakfast / making lunches/ checking weather forecast/ making chocolate milk/ looking for clean clothes for Mr. Sensitive to wear to kindergarten. #timetodolaundry

Hubby drinks coffee & gets ready for work.  He complains about being late and still having to take the dogs out. #toughluck #yourproblem

Mr. Sensitive picks up on the stress and is whirling around, making noise, throwing toys and crashing into the sofa.  (Seriously, he takes a running start across the living room and throws himself on the sofa.) #anxiety #sensoryprocessingdisorder

Hubby yells at Mr. Sensitive to STOP IT NOW!  This increases Mr. Sensitive’s activity level.  I yell at Hubby to stop yelling and for him to cuddle Mr. Sensitive instead.  #crazyhouse #sensoryoverload #meltdown

Mr. Sensitive buries himself under some blankets on the sofa. #downtime 

I continue to cook eggs/ make lunch / clean-up puddle of pee on the floor. #culpritunknown

At some point Little Miss Adorable and Mr. Sensitive eat eggs for breakfast.  With apple slices. #canada’sfoodguide #goodmama

7:19 am Hubby leaves for work.  I hand him his lunch and treats for co-workers. #goodbye

7:21 am Mr. Sensitive announces he has to go poo.  This gives me 30 seconds of peace and quiet to get myself dressed to take Mr. Sensitive to his bus stop. #raceison

7:21:05 am Baby Dunk is awake. #calgontakemeaway

7:22 am I am now dressed with Baby Dunk in my arms, chasing Mr. Sensitive to wipe his bum. #skidmarks

7:23 am I am changing Baby Dunk’s diaper and nursing him. #lovebabytime

Mr. Sensitive takes this opportunity to do dishes in the kitchen sink.  Never mind that he refused to get water on his hands after going poo.  He’s in full water play mode now.  I will deal with the mess later. #shakingmyhead

Little Miss Adorable is calling from her high chair.  She’s stuck and bored. #poorthing

7:41 am I find Mr. Sensitive some clean clothes that are appropriate for the weather. #thankyou @FrankFerragine

7:45 am I peel Mr. Sensitive away from the kitchen sink and put his lunch together.  Half his lunch has been ‘washed’ in a dirty salad bowl and is now oily.  We discuss the properties of oil vs water.  I am not washing lunch containers now.  His lunch is packed with oily grapes and greasy containers. #don’tcare #badmommy

7:48 am I start chasing excited Mr. Sensitive around trying to get him dressed.  He is happy to go to school and see his friends.  He is flailing around like a maniac.  #timeout123

Once in a time-out he’s still crazed and we discuss the possibility of a spanking. #mommyslosingit

Mr. Sensitive asks, “What’s a spanking?” #badidea

I explain.  He says, “Only bullies do spankings.” #reallybadidea

7:55 am Mr. Sensitive waits at the door while I load Little Miss Adorable and baby Dunk into the stroller.  Off to the bus stop. #runlikehell #damn #runninglate

7:58 am Breathe while Mr. Sensitive plays with dinosaurs in the dirt at the bus stop. #lovemykids

8:00 am Bus driver arrives.  He apologises for being late.  He says he had a rough morning. #youthinkyougotproblems

8:05 am I return home, fish action figure out of sink and stare at mess.  Decide to ignore it.  Start feeding Little Miss Adorable snack/ feeding Baby Dunk eggs/ writing this post/ giving Little Miss Adorable play doh/ removing orange play doh from baby’s mouth/ watching @BTtoronto.  Drink cold coffee. #sigh

8:58 am Collapse on sofa to nurse baby and say goodbye to @BTtoronto folks and hello to @tracycityline  #serenitynow


(Sorry, I forgot to say this before)

I was in no way compensated for this post nor am I affiliated with Breakfast Television in any way.  I am just a long time viewer and @BTtoronto nerd.  Yes, I compare the live eye camera view with the view out my window every day (they’re often the same).  All the @BTtoronto folks are like our TV family – Little Miss Adorable calls Russ Holden ‘papa.’


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Super-powered, Special Ed teacher and special needs mama to FOUR (!) children with an assortment of special needs; including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Prader Willi Syndrome. Our family features a heavy dose of good ol' ADHD). I blog about our halfpastnormal life.
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