My Son’s Birth Story via Yahoo

Happy Birthday to my wonderful five year-old!

Circa 2007 My Space was still around and Facebook was not a huge force in my life.  This is my son, Mr. Sensitive’s birth story straight from my Yahoo email archives.


From Angela 05/25/07 12:34PM >>>
I have a quick moment to give a baby update. My ankles are the size of barrels (Tracy calls them ‘cankles’ – my calf and ankle look like one!) I can only wear flip-flops or loose fitting flat-soled sandals. Luckily it is warm outside. Baby seems to like Italian food, Indian food and chocolate. During my last grocery store run I bought two tubs of soy chocolate ice cream, two packages of chocolate brownie mix, a package of baker’s chocolate (for fudge icing on the brownies!) and a carton of chocolate soy milk. Oh, and a little chocolate ice cream treat for me to eat in the car on the way home.

Last week I was worried about the lack of baby movement, so I went to my hospital where the nurse hooked me up to a fetal monitor and said, oh, the baby’s probably backwards (back facing out). Four hours later (and an ultrasound) they confirmed that the baby was back facing out
and OK. I wish they would have just listened to the nurse.

Now baby is front facing out and my belly ripples like I have kittens under my shirt. Baby seems to like Greenday, the Who, and the Police. Baby also seems to like jazz and ABBA.

When I told Hubby I was going for the ultrasound he told me to find out if it was a boy or a girl. I didn’t want to. So when the ultrasound technician asked if I wanted to know I said No. I thought about it and felt bad that Hubby had never seen one ultrasound. So when she was writing her report I asked her to write on a scrap of paper if it was a boy or girl. I folded the paper up and brought it home unopened.

When I handed it to Hubby, he yelled, “A boy!” So now we know it’s a boy (most likely, unless there was a weird shadow or something)

We haven’t told Hubby’s mom (1. because she’s pissing us off and 2. because it’s not 100% sure, but they don’t usually make mistakes on boys).  Stay tuned for the 101 ways Hubby’ mom is being really irritating (i.e. starting every demand with “it’s my grandchild…” is just the beginning…)

From Sandra >>>

OH MY GOD!! I can’t believe you found out!! A boy!! What am I going to do with all of Alyssa’s pink clothes!!!!!!???!!!!

Baby already knows his food… you send him here to Zia’s for some pasta!!

Looking forward to seeing you and your cankles!! hee hee

You HAVE to check out Facebook… you wouldn’t believe the people I found.. Michael L.,… Joey P.,…

From Angela  05/29/07 10:22AM >>>
Re- Alyssa’s pink clothes:
you could have a second baby yourself….

Baby Mr. Sensitive (as we are calling him) is lining up to go to Zia’s for pasta.

From Angela Michalak 06/12/07 08:08AM >>>
Hey dude,
How’s everything? I just did a breastfeeding class at the hospital last night, it was pretty cool. I hope you’re still coming to the shower this weekend. I can’t wait to see you.

Hubby’ mom held the “In-Laws Shower” this past weekend. Do you remember in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The Millers? The In-Laws are DEFINITELY the Millers. My family is the Greeks, only change the goat in the front yard with the animal of your choice.

I was literally starved and dehydrated by the end of the shower – no food, no drinks.  Or actually, there was food and drink, but we weren’t offered any and it was tucked away out of sight. I stole a piece of watermelon. And stole and washed a glass to put tap water in.

Never mind the people themselves…. oh well. There’s a reason why I only see these people once a year. So I’m definitely looking forward to hanging with normal folks.

From Sandra >>
Wow , if you consider ME normal , they must be pretty bad!! hee hee  I will be there for SURE on Saturday and can’t wait to see you too!!   1pm right??

From Angela 06/12/07 11:45AM >>>
The Shower is on SUNDAY!!! June 17th.
From Sandra >>
Are you sure??

From Angela 06/12/07 02:26PM >>>

Yes, it’s the 17th! from 1 – 4pm.

From Sandra >>

Okay… I could have sworn that it was the 16th.. that’s weird!

From Angela 06/15/07 10:24AM >>>
sounds like mommy brain – are you sure you’re not pregnant?

From Sandra >>>
Very sure… very very sure!

From Angela 06/15/07 10:31AM >>>
Yah, but I was “very sure… very very sure!” that I wasn’t pregnant too. now look at me. My feet and ankles are so big they have their own postal codes – L6S M19 for my right foot and L6S N19 for my left foot. My ankles have re-located to Arizona and Peru. Never mind my waist line (actually, I cannot see my feet and ankles, I only hear reports from them occasionally.

From Sandra >>>

hmm.. you just reminded me to bring a camera on Sunday… hee
From Angela 06/15/07 11:39AM >>>
bitch 🙂

From Angela 06/18/07 07:52AM >>>
Thanks for coming to the shower. It was great seeing you again. Hubby was really happy to talk to you. My whole family misses you. We REALLY have to get together BB (Before Baby)

From Sandra >>>
I had a really good time! I really missed your family too… and I love your Hubby!
You look great! I just kept having flashbacks of us running thru your house when we were kids.. I’m glad your parents still have that house… and your Grandma still sounds like Dr. Ruth!

From Angela 06/28/07 10:51AM >>>

Subject: House Arrest
Hey Sandra,
I guess you got my house arrest voice-mail – at least the house phone is now working. Luckily the next doctor’s appointment is Friday, so I get to find out if I can walk or swim during this house rest. Hubby is watering my garden now, because I can’t water it. Hopefully my blood pressure has gone down and I can go outdoors again.

At this point I have washed and folded two loads of baby clothes, baked two dozen chocolate chip cookies, two veggie lasagnes, made gallons of tomato sauce and a pot of soup. And read most of “Gone with the Wind.” And painted my toenails.

So I am stuck at home with Hubby, who is off today and seems to be having an easier time doing nothing than me!! Wait until I give him the to-do list!

My plan is to escape today and get groceries (whoo-hoo excitement) and maybe buy baby toys.   Call when you can, you can reach me at home after 4pm (don’t tell the doctor!)

From Sandra >>>

awwwwwww you are nesting… It’s crazy busy today, so I probably won’t get to the phone.. my boss is back from Calgary so party is ovah!

Dude, sit back , watch Ellen (Bon Jovi is on today) and MILK it for all its worth.. I should teach a lounge course.. “Lounging for dummies” or in your case .. “Lounging for over achievers and people who have too much drive and ambition.. ” hee hee…

Please take it easy! 🙂


From Tracy>>>

Subject: Don’t go to a hospital this week, all the new residents are starting…

Apparently they are REALLY, REALLY scary for the first month or so. At least according to all the staff MDs I’ve talked too.

Later is the fall, most of the bad ones have been weeded out. Also apparently the newbies stop walking around all arrogant at that time because most of them have already killed someone. They have the fear of God (and their supervisor in them).

Mind you we still had a radiologist in training (this spring) miss the fact that a pregnant lady who came in with stomach pain, had a ruptured kidney.

Who needs a kidney anyway?
From Angela 07/05/07 08:30AM >>>
Subject: Timeline and Update on Angela’s blood pressure
June 26 – Doctor is concerned about my suddenly high blood pressure (142/90-ish) and orders that I stop work immediately, and do not go back. I am under house rest.

June 27 – I go back to work to say goodbye and clear out my desk (I bring one dog with me so it doesn’t seem like I am working).  I return home and realise house rest is really house arrest. I am trapped.

June 27 – 28 – I go mad being stuck indoors while my garden wilts around me. The dogs (who are under-exercised) go bonkers with me. I clean house. I organize the Tupperware cupboard and clean behind the
stove. (I am unable to single-handedly move the fridge, so that staysndirty.) I fill the freezer with gallons of stew, tomato sauce and soup and bake dozens of cookies.

And wash and fold several loads of baby laundry. I organize baby laundry into appropriate, colour-co-ordinated categories in the baby dresser and shelves. I seriously considering labeling my neatly organized baby shelves and drawers (receiving blankets, onsies, heavy blankets, three piece outfits, towels, wash cloths, crib sheets, bassinet sheets, etc…)

Instead I drag Hubby into the room and show him where everything is and quiz him to make sure he remembers where everything goes. I do not want bassinet sheets mixed up with receiving blankets!

June 28 – I try to go shopping, my blood pressure sky-rockets, and I end up in the hospital for fetal monitoring. I am sent home with blood pressure 133/87

June 29 – At my regular pre-natal appointment my blood pressure is 123/82 – yay! The most normal it’s been in a long time! I celebrate with shopping at Erin Mills Town Centre (bought cute baby clothes at Old Navy) and an evening walk. I am free at last!! Although I have to stay out of the heat and sun! Whoo-hoo!

June 29- July 3 – I water my long-neglected garden and pull weeds. I walk in the evenings and life returns to nearly normal. Yay!  Although my hands and arms are numb from excessive water retention – Who cares! I am free!
My flip flops and garden gloves no longer fit me, I wear Hubby’ gloves and find bigger flip flops) I begin  to think that if I am stuck at home during the day I may as well have the baby to take care of. What else
can I do?

July 4, 4pm- At my regular pre-natal appointment my blood pressure is 142/98 – oh shit! The doctor is not impressed. She says if we wait around it will only go up.

She checks my cervix and recommends induction. I cheer and give a double thumbs up! Whoo hoo! My neatly organized baby laundry now has a purpose! I will no longer be stuck at home doing nothing! Bring it on! We are told to pack our bag and call Labour and Delivery! Alright! We might have the baby tonight!

July 4, 9:30pm – Labour and Delivery finally phone me to say they have a bed available. We race to the hospital, the doctor who checks my cervix says he can feel the top of the baby’s head. We are pumped! The baby is almost here! They administer the gel, and …. nothing.

Not even a mild cramp. We wait for an hour, and the nurse sends us home telling us to phone at 8am the next morning to come in for the induction.

July 5, 8:30 am – I phone. We could have this baby before lunch! Whoo hoo! The nurse tells me it is very busy. There are no available beds, the nurse feels things might free up after 2pm.

So I am stuck again at home, hiding from the heat and humidity, waiting for this baby to arrive. I’m going to go fold laundry.
House arrest sucks.

From Sandra Thursday, July 5, 2007 8:51:35 AM>>>

OH MY GOD .. you are tooooo funny!! Hold out for the 7th.. how cool
would that birthday be… 070707!!!!!

Keep me posted!!!!!

From Amy>>>

OMG I am in hysterics!!! I was just wondering if there was a baby here yet….So how it’s going now? Any cramping/contractions yet????

From Sandra Thursday, July 5, 2007 11:25:06 AM>>>

you could always have sex…. this being a LAST RESORT!!

From Sandra Thursday, July 5, 2007 3:03:16 PM>>>

Nick suggests naming your baby ‘seven’ if he’s born on the 7th…

From Angela 07/05/07 10:20AM >>>
You’re right, to be baby # 070707 would be cool, but we just want to get things going. Hubby has already taken today and tomorrow off work. I don’t want him sitting around here doing nothing!

I was worried that the baby wouldn’t arrive until the end of his holidays (booked July 9 – July 27th) and I’d be stuck here with him. I figured I would get him to paint our bedroom and finish some trim if he was off with me. I can’t have him sitting around relaxing!

Actually, with all this waiting, I eagerly look forward to any signs of labour (is that a contraction or a hiccup?) What if I walk really fast and re-arrange the living room furniture? All at the same time?

I’m going to powerwalk my way to cooking pancakes for breakfast,

From Amy Friday, July 6, 2007 12:34:28 PM>>>

if you haven’t had that little sucker yet squeeze him in till tmo, then his bday will be 07/07/07….how cool

From Sandra>>>

ONE MORE DAY AND YOUR BABY WILL HAVE THE COOLEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Its probably best that the baby is able to “cook” a bit longer… KEEP ME POSTED!!!

ALL my cell #-, My mom’s #, my sister’s#.. hee hee

ps- for cute camo gear check out “Children’s Place” at Square One…

From Angela Thursday, 5 Jul 2007 15:36:19>>>

Hey everyone,

Just to recap – I will be induced. The problem is when:

July 5, 8:30 am – I phone. We could have this baby before lunch! Whoo hoo! The nurse tells me it is very busy. There are no available beds, the nurse feels things might free up after 2pm.

So I am stuck again at home, hiding from the heat and humidity, waiting for this baby to arrive. I’m going to go fold laundry. House arrest sucks.

I decide that powerwalking or moving heavy furniture might get things going. Since I have already cleaned behind the stove, I try the fridge. No, still can’t move it. I decide to make pancakes instead. (reasonable alternative)

My pelvis is really sore, I know things are coming soon, so I have a shower, do my hair and pluck my eyebrows so I look good in the hospital. I try to touch up my toenail polish but cannot reach my feet.

July 5, 1:40pm – I phone labour and delivery. The nurse apologises, but there are still no beds available. Because I do not have any cramping or contractions they cannot take me as a ‘walk-in.’ The nurse tells me to phone again after 5pm.

I decide that powerwalking might get things moving, and given the high humidity and heat today, I think Erin Mills Town Center is the place to walk. Also, they have a Baby Gap (and are across the street from Credit Valley Hospital).

Off Hubby and I go to Erin Mills Town Centre, and we do laps on the upper and lower levels, stopping only for pee breaks (five times in two hours) and to buy cute hats from Baby Gap and tiny little camo pants from Please Mum. (This baby now has a camouflage onsie and toque, two pairs of camo pants – one cotton and one lined, a camo bottle and a camo soother) Hubby picked out several camo baby hats – baseball, earflaps, and broad brimmed – and wanted them all. I told him we wouldn’t be able to find the baby! We decide to buy a camo hat after the baby is born.

We do another lap and a pee break, then decide to phone labour and delivery. They have space to get us in; we are just across the road!! How convenient!

July 5, 5pm – I phone again. The nurse is beginning to recognise my voice and apologises again, but there seems to be a bumper crop of babies and the walk-ins in labour have priority over scheduled inductions. She tells me to phone at 7:30. She tells me that they want to do the induction tonight.

I tell her I am available all night, even at midnight. She says they won’t call at midnight. I think I just might camp out there.

From Lisa Friday, July 6, 2007 8:23:49 AM>>>

By now you are probably in the hospital. I am just sending you this message as a prayer that all went well and you will be soon holding your beautiful baby in your arms which is by far the most wonderful moment for new parents.

Let me know when you feel up to a visit….I’ve been finding some baby stuff for you.


From Amy Friday, July 6, 2007 12:41:56 PM>>>

baby, baby??????

From Angela Wednesday, 18 Jul 2007 20:14:17 -0700 (PDT)>>>

Sorry folks, no pics yet. This is my first time online in 12 days! It’s been a long time in hospitals and doctor’s offices. (We just came from a dr’s appointment today, poor Mr. Sensitive’s second urninalysis)

Post-house arrest: It’s a Boy!

Baby Mr. Sensitive was born at 11:31am Friday July 6th. He weighed 6lbs, 14oz and is 21 inches long – a long skinny baby. They induced labour at 12 midnight, and I argued with the nurses (and got in trouble for swearing) until they gave me an epidural at 2am. Luckily, most of the nurses at Credit Valley were wonderful and really caring (and did not mind the odd swear word).

Mr. Sensitive was born with the cord around his neck and was ‘stunned’ at birth, eyes open, but not doing much else. They rubbed him at a table in the room and he was soon placed on my chest, where he stared at Hubby and I. We stared back at him, marvelling over his dark hair, huge hands and long fingernails. (12 days later, we are still afraid to trim his nails and Mr. Sensitive wears mitts most of the time!)

Within the first 24 hours Mr. Sensitive was labelled a ‘poor feeder’ and lactation consultants were called in to help us. Mr. Sensitive just wanted to sleep and be cuddled. After the first 24 hours he was diagnosed with jaundice, and he was placed in an incubator with special lighting. He stayed in my room during this time, only coming out of the incubator for diaper changes, feedings and bloodwork. His poor heels were covered with band-aids where the technicians poked him for blood. We were sent home on Monday, once his blood work showed the jaundice had gone down.

On Wednesday we went to see the lactation consultant who took one look at our sleepy yellow baby and did bloodwork on the spot. Within the hour Mr. Sensitive and I were re-admitted to the hospital, and he was back under phototherapy. In the hospital they did more tests, using an IV line to draw blood and catheterizing him for a urine sample. I found the tests as traumatic as he did (and cried as much as he did).

During the second hospital stay we were placed in the ‘baby gulag’ – a ward reminiscent of Soviet prisons. By way of contrast, in our first visit we had a small private room with our own washroom and shower (complete with fluffy towels and cleaned by housekeeping daily), three hot meals a day delivered to the room, quiet whenever we wanted and a kitchenette just around the corner for heating up snacks or making a cup of tea. I even had my own heating / air conditioning control.

In the ward, things were very different. I shared a huge room with five cribs. I was fortunate in that I was the only one with a hospital bed for me to sleep on, other parents slept in chairs beside their babies. In the baby gulag there was no food for parents. Parents were expected to bring their own meals and sign out a key to a kitchenette halfway across the unit to heat them up. There was no private washroom or shower for parents. The toilet in our ward did not lock, and the sign on the door stated it was for patients only.

I was not a patient anymore, so I could walk across the nursing unit to the urine-soaked washroom and hold my breath while I tried to brush my teeth and wash up. I missed my private bathroom and the people who would clean it daily. I missed the food delivered three times a day. And I really missed my climate controlled privacy.

Two other babies were assigned to my ward. I shared my space with the babies, their mothers and their families. The noise was incredible. At points I felt like I was living in Union Station or a shopping mall. The first night I slept a total of 45 minutes between nursing my baby and hearing everything around me. So I had plans for a morning nap. I was exhausted and stumbled across the nursing station to the washroom, and stumbled back to my ward.

When I returned there was a clown in the room.  Seriously.  A freaking clown.  In the room.  Where I wanted to sleep.

I realise that the hospital uses clowns to cheer up sick children and their families, but this was not the time or the place for a clown to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on its harmonica. My nap opportunity was ruined by a freaking clown. I was enraged, and seriously considered either seriously injuring the clown with its harmonica or removing the clown from this planet completely.

I felt any judge would consider my actions to be self-defence, or at least have serious mitigating circumstances. “But Sir, ” I would plead, ” I only had 45 minutes of sleep in the past 36 hours and they sent in a clown to play the harmonica. I was provoked.” I exercised enough self-control to leave the room, rather than kill the clown.

During my time in the baby gulag – I starved; I froze (there was no climate control in this place); I was exhausted; unwashed; and miserable. We stayed two days, after which Mr. Sensitive was declared well enough to go home. Home, I couldn’t wait. Hot showers. Sleep. Quiet. Hot food. Sleep. Ahhh.

We were sent home Friday, with instructions to follow up at the lactation clinic on Sunday. On Sunday we went in, were the jaundice seems to be staying down, and that Mr. Sensitive had finally regained his birth weight. Yay! Other than today’s concerns about an urinary tract infection (which seems to be negative), things are looking up for us.

We just need to cope with sleep deprivation. In our sleepy state and stress about the Dr’s appointment today, we forgot to put pants on poor Mr. Sensitive when we went to the doctor’s. (I had a cute outfit picked out, put the shirt on him, and set the pants aside so they wouldn’t get dirty, then left with the baby and without the pants.) Oh well, at least it was really warm out.

And so it begins….


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