I am sorry but..,

I am sorry but I’ve been busy with family emergencies.

I just checked my email and saw my response to someone was ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t had time to do what I said I would, because I’ve been busy with family emergencies.’ I sent it TWO weeks ago. I still haven’t done what i said i was supposed to do.


And I’ve been dealing with emergencies since.

Double Argh.

Hubby’s knocked out tooth (see Dunk Dunk attacks for this one).
Then we all got the plague, a vicious gastro virus that knocked us flat. I ended up with a sinus infection and trying to work in a miserable fog of sickness.

I wrote about our attempts to schedule medical appointments and balance our lives. Now I’m writing this from the hospital while Little Miss Adorable and I wait for a doctor to decide if she has a fracture or a pulled elbow.

One morning while I was at work I get a panicked call from Hubby, demanding I leave to take Little Miss Adorable to the hospital. Mr Sensitive had been playing with her and now she cannot move her arm. She cried whenever she moved.

Unfortunately I was taking my class on a field trip through a pioneer house and my only methods of transportation was either school bus or horse and buggy.

Once I explained these options to Hubby he scheduled an emergency appointment with our (world class) pediatrician. I said she probably has a pulled elbow ( she had a similar situation a couple years ago.).

Fully confident our doctor could put Little Miss A’s elbow back, I left work in my own vehicle as soon as I was able and raced to pick up Little Miss A and brought her to the pediatrician’s office.

At the office *two*world class pediatricians could not put her elbow back and she sobbed inconsolably. We now had a requisition for an X-ray.

Little Miss A was never a complainer and now she cried as I wrapped her jacket around her and tried to strap her into her car seat.

I felt terrible and bought her pizza for dinner (I know, not appropriate for folks with PWS, but mama guilt outweighed common sense).

After that I drove through a traffic paralyzingly snow ‘storm’ (few flurries shut down the GTA) and made it home in over an hour or crawling through sliding cars and snow.

LittleMiss A seemed to be in increasing pain, so we returned to our local hospital in the same ‘snow storm’ that makes a 15 minute drive stretch out to 45.

And now I’m writing this post on my iPhone, waiting for an X-ray and grateful that I am not one of the families here for a real emergency. The child in the bed beside us was just in a serious car accident. I nearly cried overhearing her description of the events. The child in the bed across from us was groggy from a serious head injury. I am saying a small prayer for those families.

And that’s why we’re halfpastnormal
We remain truly grateful for the things we have, because we know it could be much worse, in so many ways.

So I am sorry, I know I’m behind on everything else, but we really have been dealing with a bunch of emergencies. And we do remain grateful for the things we have.


About Angela

Super-powered, Special Ed teacher and special needs mama to FOUR (!) children with an assortment of special needs; including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Prader Willi Syndrome. Our family features a heavy dose of good ol' ADHD). I blog about our halfpastnormal life.
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5 Responses to I am sorry but..,

  1. Angela says:

    Little Miss A & left the hospital shortly before midnight. The dr ruled out a fracture or serious dislocation & Little Miss A is now just resting & taking Tylenol for pain.

  2. spdmama says:

    Angela — Glad to hear Little Miss A is doing okay. I understand how things can build up. We’ve been walloped here and just when I say I’m going to sit down and get things DONE, something else rears it’s ugly head. Sometimes, things don’t just happen in threes… they happen and happen and happen! Take care of your family and yourself first…. the rest will just have to wait.

  3. (hugs) to you and your little girl

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