Legal Stuff

I am a Special Education Teacher who writes about my own family.  In no way should anything I write be taken as medical or professional advice.  I am NOT a doctor, lawyer, phsyiotherapist, occupational therapist or any other medical professional.  Even if I was, I could not give an informed opinion as to your situation because I cannot see you.

My blog is simply my own opinion, and should NEVER be taken as any kind of legal or professional advice.  (Seriously, I wrote about the contents of my purse and a letter to my cats folks, you do not want my advice;-)  Although I am a professional with extensive experience in special education and a parent of children with special needs, what I write cannot be taken as professional advice because of the nature of the internet.

That said, here are some disclaimers and more legal stuff:


Legal Disclaimer – I was sent a few books and a set of In-Synch Activity Cards resource for review and I am writing reviews of these resources based on my own opinions.  I am NOT an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, or Medical Doctor.  I speak from my experiences as a special education teacher and parent of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder.  I merely offer my opinion, what you do with it is entirely up to you.  My blog should never replace professional advice and medical care.    

Financial Disclosure – I was sent a few complimentary books and a set of In-Synch Activity Cards resource for review. All opinions are my own.  If you purchase items using the coupon code HALFPAST through Sensory World or Future Horizons I will receive a small percentage of the purchase amount.  But the bottom line is these are amazing resources from an excellent provider.  Be sure to check them out!     

Finally – (please) do not copy my work!

Copyright notice:

©Angela halfpastnormal (2012)  All work in this blog is my own and subject to Canada’s copyright laws.  If you wish to copy all or a part of any of my posts or blog (including re-blogging, posting links to my blog on sites I do not authorize, etc…) please contact me via email first:



Thank you,



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