Funny Bits

The latest in summer fashions.

Some of the things I write are pretty funny.  This may be my way of whistling in the dark or trying to see the glass half-full. (Which, technically it must be, by definition.)

Some of the things that happen to us are funny.  And some things just smell funny.  Sorry, Baby Dunk needs a diaper change.

Either way, check them out and let me know what you think.

Like it?  Share it!  I’d love it if you’d comment and share your ideas.

xo Angela

Posts about Hubby – that happen to be funny.  Not that I’m laughing at him, or anything;-)

ADHD and Siri

Life with Stay at Home Dad: Welcome aboard the SAHM Enterprise

Supplemental Captain’s Log: SAHDad aboard the SAHM Enterprise

Posts about my Cats and a Concussion related to them:

A funny thing happened on the way to feed the cats

A Letter to My Cats

Concussion Conversation via Twitter

Posts about Little Miss Adorable – high fashion and high humour, all rolled into one.

Little Miss Adorable, Speech, Language and Swear Words

Little Miss Adorable, OT, Speech, Language and MORE Swear Words

Little Miss Adorable – Speech, Language and Toddler Self-Defense

The Princess Gene

The Princess Gene Revealed

Posts about me – laugh away!

The Post in Which I Divulge the Contents of My Purse

Potty Time

Potty Time, Part 2 or Mommy-Bathroom Paradox Explained

Posts about the whole lot of us:

Mr. Sensitive vs. His New Winter Coat

Bright and Early Wednesday Morning: via Twitter


Like it? Share it! Please comment - I'd love to know what you think.

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