Halfpastnormal is who we are



One family, SIX people and an assortment of special needs.  ADD, SPD, PWS, DMD – the list goes on.  Is there any wonder why we’re halfpastnormal?  Welcome to our world and be sure to check out these posts about our halfpastnormal life:

Why half-past normal?

Think of the bell curve.  This is not to offend all the “normal” people out there.  If you are not normal, and happily so, this will make you laugh. If you are not normal, and unhappily so, hopefully this will cheer you up. Here’s a secret – there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ person.  To continue reading

Drive Thru Mama

Note to my sponsors: all of yesterday’s meals were brought to you by the DRIVE THRU.

When on the road, racing to appointments, & out-numbered by 3 kids who can’t walk (just 1 of me, 3 of them), I SO appreciate that mechanical voice that says “Welcome to blah, blah. blah, how can I help you.”

Thank you drive thru people, you have no idea what great public service you perform.  God bless you and your starched brown uniforms.

No, I don’t want fries with that;)  To continue reading

Stab me in the heart with a rusty spoon

I just came back from an eye doctor appointment for Little Miss Adorable.  Her doctor specializes in ‘special needs’ and, judging from his waiting room, has a thriving practice.  His office is attached to a major hospital and is part of our special needs ‘corridor’ of services.  I am so immersed in the land of special needs that I cannot relate to ‘normal’ people anymore.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  To continue reading

The Busy, Busy Month of May

Springtime.   The month of May.  Mothers Day.  Victoria Day long weekend.  Add teaching a spring session of night school twice a week.  Add a dozen or so medical appointments.  Plus our regular preschool activities and volunteer commitments.   Oh, and tee-ball starts soon.  You get the picture.  We are too busy.  To continue reading

Mr. Sensitive vs. His New Winter Coat

Like Thoma’s Snowsuit, but with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Little Miss Adorable, OT, Speech, Language and MORE Swear Words

Little Miss Adorable has a multidisciplinary team to help her speech and motor skills, but she’s doing things in her own way.  She’s not potty trained, but she sure is potty mouthed!

The Princess Gene

I am convinced there is a DNA sequence for attraction to glitter, tulle, and feather boas.  I am convinced there is a unique DNA sequence for those who can pull off wearing all three, at once, with style.  That person has the Princess Gene.