Big City to Small Town

That’s right, we are moving!  We have finally decided to do it.  Pack up and get out of the city we’ve called home for so long to move to another place I’ve called home for even longer.

There are a million reasons to go and a million more to stay.  This has been a really difficult decision (actually 10 YEARS in the making).  Yes, I tend to perseverate.  Yes, I tend to over-analyse.

What tipped the scales?  The kids, quality of life, and how getting by with less can leave you with more.

What are we leaving?  Traffic, polution, a stressful and hectic lifestyle.  A housing market we cannot do not want to afford.  (Why spend your life paying for housing, childcare, vehicle expenses when you can cut the crap by relocating?)  Healthcare (but it’s only a 90 minute drive to world pediatric class care, and 30 minutes to great services).  Jobs (but we know we’ll find work in this area, and we’re prepared to network our way in to a new region and happy to take on related work).

And honestly, I’d be happy with less work (and can get by with less money due to a lower cost of living) and more time.  Time with my kids, time to actually cook a meal instead of dashing for take-out because I’ve spent two hours in traffic coming home from work.

So, in typical Angela-style, I’ve created organizational flow charts with timelines to help us in the transition.  Seriously.  In case you haven’t noticed, I am a type-A / obsessively organized personality.  But, I will spare you the charts, lists, diagrams and schematics.  (They’re on my laptop, if you must know.  I might post them, if you ask me nicely.)

I have included ALL the posts in which I explore the do we stay-or-go scenario.

But, I should have just asked my five year old.

When I asked him if he wanted to move to Small Town, Ontario (where my parents are), got a misty, far-away look in his eye, and quietly said, “Yes.”

I should have asked him first.  It would have simplified everything.

Here goes…

I should have…

Things that count

On Paper

Enough of the “What ifs” already

So I think I’ve made a decision, kind of…

Circular Thinking Leads You in Circles

A little bit Country, a little bit Rock and Roll

Funny, but as I re-read this posts (they’re in reverse chronological order, dontcha know) I realise the decision to go is the best one we can make.  And one we should have made, a long time ago.

Thank you for letting me share part of your day.

xo Angela