Hubby, Me and ADHD



Hubby, Me and ADHD: Honey, have you seen my….

I have known my husband since 1999 and we have been involved since 2002.  We started off as best friends, then became romantically involved.  Amazingly we are still best friends.  He is funny, charming and a truly decent human being.  He also has ADHD.

In Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) the areas of the brain responsible for directing and selecting attention do not work well.  Imagine a small robot that is acting as a traffic cop in your brain, directing information in, sending it for further storage (memory) or thinking about (processing).  Now imagine that the robot stalls every couple minutes.  So information gets missed – that is the traffic robot did not direct it into your brain for further processing.  Even if that piece of information is “But I told you my parents were coming over!”  The robot also goes on the fritz every few minutes and gets stuck trying to direct ‘non-essential’ information in.   This could include fixating on the airplane flying by or the construction workers busy operating a crane.  Normally non-essential information is not a problem, it is directed in and then out again.  Someone with ADHD gets stuck on the non-essential information and misses out on the important stuff.

So hubby is driving the car and I am telling him that my parents are coming over tomorrow.  Hubby sees an airplane circling the airport and begins to think about the flight pattern.  Hubby says, yeah, uh-uh at key points in the conversation.  Actually, it’s a monologue, because I’m doing the talking and he’s not saying anything else, just looking at the airplane.  Looks like that robot is stuck.  Important information did not make it in, and non-essential information is flooding.

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3 Responses to Hubby, Me and ADHD

  1. Giulia says:

    ADHD caused by brain damage (neurologist says so). Add some Single Sided Deafness in the mix, shake it and you obtain a strange cocktail !

    Ritalin is a blessing and a curse.
    A blessing because I don’t need to be a vegetable again. I study law and hope to become a lawyer.
    And a curse because since taking it, I have skin problems all the time !

    My dermatologist is very unmotivated to treat me and she discounts all my skin problems to the stress. I know that stress is not exactly what we can call salubrious, but even GP notice that skin problems started with ritalin. So, on the road to change dermatologist !

    Just a question for your hubby. How does he manage unmotivated doctors ?

    Take care of your half past normal family 😉

    • Angela says:

      We change doctors! And only stay with people who listen to us.

      • Giulia says:

        A thank you for your reply, and sorry for being late in the party !

        Your reply comforts my gut feeling to change dermatologist. My GP was shocked by my dermatologist not checking for side effects of ritalin and by her telling me to see a shrink.
        I’ve been seeing a shrink since I was 3 years old, so it’s not exactly a novel idea !

        It’s very comforting to see that I’m not alone in this struggle, and that I’m not alone with dealing with rude and judgmental people (the Think-They-Know-It-All type, not the Know-It-All type. I make a difference between these two species because they need different technique to deal with).

        Just a question about your hubby, did he have a brain MRI to check for brain damage ?
        Strong family history of ADHD does not discount brain damage.
        And last but not least, there is no “brain damage pill” or “brain damage therapy”. If the brain damage causes ADHD, ADHD treatment applies. If the brain damage causes bipolar, bipolar treatment applies.
        While the brain MRI does not change the treatment, it helps for explaining the disability and counteracts the “everything will be solved with willpower” by Think-They-Know-It-All. Boy, it was a huge relief to shut Think-They-Know-It-All’s bad mouthing !

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