Kindergarten Chronicles

As a teacher and parent I write about the education system, unschooling and more.  I talk about Mr Sensitive’s adventures in Kindergarten, the disconnect between services and needs, and how it can all be better (sort of).

Articles include:

Bad Mother: School Events Kill Me – Pizza Days and Pasta Nights

Care and feeding of four year-olds  and Lessons Learned on the Care and Feeding of Four Year Olds

F*ck French Immersion and Chasing Normal

Kindergarten Chronicles: Birthday Blues

Kindergarten Drop Out

Kindergarten Letters – Another Form of Hell

Mr. Sensitive vs. His New Winter Coat

Mr. Senstive and SPD

Ode to the OEYC and its relatives…

T-Ball Time! Strike three – you’re out!

Gotta love him.
He’s not so bad, really.
We’re just on our second agency for behaviour support.


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