My Favourite Posts

6:31 am, Thursday morning


Here are links to my favourite posts, listed in no particular order:

Little Miss Adorable, OT, Speech, Language and MORE Swear Words

Little Miss Adorable has a multidisciplinary team to help her speech and motor skills, but she’s doing things in her own way.  She’s not potty trained, but she sure is potty mouthed!

Mr. Sensitive vs. His New Winter Coat

Like Thoma’s Snowsuit, but with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Stab me in the heart with a rusty spoon… 

Listening to a parent talk about her ‘amazing’ child makes me realize how amazing kids with Special Needs really are.

The Princess Gene

I am convinced there is a DNA sequence for attraction to glitter, tulle, and feather boas.  I am convinced there is a unique DNA sequence for those who can pull off wearing all three, at once, with style.  That person has the Princess Gene.

Drive Thru Mama

Thank you drive thru people, you have no idea what great public service you perform.  God bless you and your starched brown uniforms.  No, I don’t want fries with that.

To All the Blogs I’ve Loved Before

I dreamed about blogging last night.  This is nothing new, I’ve dreamed in Twitter before too.  And yes, I posted the play-by-play of the birth of my baby on Facebook, until the doctors ordered me to turn off my phone.

My one word for 2013: Me

Me.  It’s a loaded word.  When other people have words like ‘Courage’ or ‘Inspire’ or ‘Hope’, ‘Me’ falls flat.

You might think, wow, that’s a pretty selfish word. You’re supposed to give of yourself, then give some more.


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