Here are my posts about Anxiety.  Don`t worry, they don`t bite.

A-Words: the Anxiety Series

Three Parts – Three Words

A-words: Anxiety

I am a Type A personality. I’m not proud of this, because it gets me in trouble. I take on too much, get stuff done with super high standards, and expect too much of everyone, including myself. At least I’ve stopped expecting too much from my kids. This stems from the big A-word, Anxiety.

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A-words: Advice

Anxiety is a huge part of being a parent. We worry about our child’s health, safety, growth and development. Most of this we cannot control. We also worry about things we can control, or believe we can. There is a huge market of stuff for sale to parents so their child can have the latest and greatest and become the smartest/fastest/strongest child in their toddler class. Which of course means they will be the next President/ Nobel Prize Winner/ Cancer Curing Scientist.

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A-words: Acceptance

I need to accept the things I cannot change.  Mr. Sensitive’s diagnosis.  Little Miss Adorable’s diagnosis. I cannot change their DNA.  I cannot cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or Prader-Willi Syndrome.  I know this.

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Since we’re talking about Anxiety, here are some F-words too:

Facebook and Canoes – What’s important?

Ahh, Springtime.  Bird song.  The croak of frogs.  Day Light Savings Time.  Everything in nature is pushing for early morning rise and shine.  Except Hubby.  He has never been a morning person, so it’s frustrating when the whole household is awake and ready to go, and he’s still in bed.

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F*ck French Immersion and Chasing Normal

When Mr. Sensitive was a little baby I decided he would go to French Immersion.  I researched homes for sale in areas with French Immersion schools, and planned his entire academic career by the time he was 6 weeks old.

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