Prenatal Testing

Baby Dunk
We said ‘No Thanks’ prenatal genetic testing.

Given that I have TWO children with random genetic quirks you may assume that I have some strong opinions on prenatal genetic testing and selection of fetal viability based on those test results.  And I do.

I also understand this is not a ‘one-size fits all’ discussion and everyone has a right to their own opinion.  I want to tell you that my personal opinion has changed over time – not based on Science (I have a degree in that), not based on Teaching experience (over 15 years working with people with Special Needs), but as a Parent – of two amazing children with genetic quirks.

Maybe your opinion will too.

Here are some articles on this blog about prenatal genetic testing and the selection of fetal viability based on those test results.

xo Angela

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The Incredibles – Dash, Violet and Dunk-Dunk?

Why half-past normal?


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